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The partners and associates of Jesteda Partners bring decades of broad and deep top level transactional, strategic and operational experience across all key functional areas addressed. We are former "big shop" professionals with experience from bulge bracket firms, big 6 accounting and large operations. We bring our training, experience and contacts to each assignment to benefit our clients in maximizing shareholder value.

About Us

We are a relationship driven boutique investment banking firm with middle market expertise and national and international reach. We focus on several key areas and transaction types.

We emphasize key current themes and trends, providing value to our clients in delivering cutting edge execution in the areas of private placements of equity and debt, mergers and acquisitions, strategic financial advisory, going public transactions and international trade and finance.

We provide heavy senior level involvement from inception to close. In so doing, we develop a customized approach that is tailored to each client's needs. Given this approach, a select number of transactions are highly supported.

We bring decades of top level transactional, strategic and operational expertise across all key vertical areas addressed.

We are experts at identifying value and utilizing our experience and extensive network of contacts to benefit our clients in maximizing shareholder value.

We are ideally positioned at the crossroads of entrepreneurialism and capitalism. We make the extraordinary ordinary.

Our Services

At Jesteda Partners, our vision is to provide superior investment banking services to experienced and visionary entrepreneurs with cutting edge ideas, superior growth possibilities and solid value propositions.

We assist companies in advisory and execution of corporate financings, mergers and acquisitions and trade and finance. We principally focus on later stage private placements, alternative financings, public company capital raises, mergers and acquisitions and international trade and finance as follows.

Later Stage Private Placements

  • Established businesses
  • Strong historical and projected future growth
  • Preferably profitable, cash flow positive
  • Strong management
  • Solid growth strategy
  • Debt, convertible debt, equity

Going Public Transactions

  • Shareholders seeking liquidity through access to public markets and investors
  • Quicker, less costly and more certain path
  • With or without concurrent capital raise
  • Discounted common or convertible stock, typically with warrants
  • Introduce service providers
  • Position company
  • Identify and diligence shell
  • Structure transaction
  • Prepare investor presentation
  • Introduce investors
  • Assist with aftermarket support

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Sellers seeking liquidity
  • Majority or minority sales
  • Reasonable valuation expectations
  • Strategic or financial buyers
  • Fairness opinion and valuation services

International Trade and Finance

  • Facilitate the purchase, sale and movement of physical commodities globally
  • Identify and diligence buyer and seller
  • Coordinate logistics
  • Arrange financing
  • Key commodities addressed include fuel, coal, steel, iron ore, gold, diamonds, sugar, cement, certain foods

Our Top Clients

We source business from past clients, service providers and referrals from companies and service providers who sat across the table from us on previous transactions.

We are generalists and have successfully worked with clients across numerous industries, including technology, healthcare services, industrial, consumer, security, digital media, medical devices, aerospace and defense, business services, training and education, cleantech, metals and mining and natural resources, among others.

We play off current themes and trends, connecting our deep contact base of institutional resources with our clients, principally later stage middle market and small cap companies.

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